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Five Simple Ways To Grow Hair Quick

There is much you can do to increase the growth rate of your hair. For most the average rate of growth is about one half inch a month but this number is just an average and you can do lots to change that.

Long hair is essentially hair that has managed to avoid damage long enough to grow to a much longer length. Damaged hair will only suffer breakages and split ends. Hair like this is not likely to grow quickly but is more likely to break off at a certain length. So in this article I will take steps top show you how to grow hair quick?

• Protect your mane before you apply heat on it. If you straighten your hair using hot irons, you need to deep condition your hair at least two to three weeks. If you don’t have a deep conditioner, you can leave in a regular conditioner for over an hour. The very bets thing to do is to condition your hair with a product called Mira hair oil

• Avoid over coloring or over processing your hair. These two processes will go a long way to severely weaken your mane. Stop using any coloring process as they tend to contain with peroxide in it. It is important once again to condition your hair on a regular basis.

• Hair Vitamins help too! Take a multivitamin and a vitamin B-complex. Supplement, in my opinion the very best supplement you can use is Biotin and prenatal pills. These go a long way to grow hair quick. They are packed with the right balance of minerals and vitamins needed to spur new growth

• Take some amino acids. Amino acids will help boost new hair growth and help produce more keratin; keratin is what your mane is made off.

• Another way to keep your hair healthy is to use a hot oil treatment, like Mira. This type of hair treatment stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow to the hair follicles. This will help keep your hair healthy and shiny.

How long your hair grows depends upon how healthy you keep it. Deep-conditioning, avoiding over processing or over coloring and taking the right vitamins are all simple ways to grow hair quickly by keeping it healthy

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Five Simple Ways To Grow Hair Quick