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Grow Your Hair Long

6 Methods To Grow Your Hair Long

Are there any ways to grow your hair long? The answer to this question is a simple resounding, YES! It’s hard to accelerate the rate of hair growth, but it is possible to strengthen the individual hair strands so they grow longer with minimal damage. Undamaged hair will avoid wide-spread breakage and will look healthy and shiny. Here are some ways to grow your hair:
• No smoking, alcohol, drugs. These items affect your health and your hair.
• Not cutting your hair. Regular trims on the end will prevent split ends from spreading up each hair shaft and causing wide-spread breakage. Judicious trimming will actually help grow your hair long.
• Don’t over-brush your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb or a boar brush.
Washing your hair every day. This will dry out your hair and prevent the natural protective oils from doing their job.
• Use Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins. This helps strengthen your hair and promotes growth. MSM also speeds up the growth cycle.
• Use a hot oil treatment on a regular basis such as Mira, which is made of natural herbs.
• Use a powerful herbal oil. Herbal oils are the best way to stimulate hair growth. The best is Mira hair oil, this has been proven to grow a longer mane faster.

Growing long hair takes a bit of time and patient. Regular trims, avoiding over-brushing, using vitamins and avoiding unhealthy drugs will help grow your hair strong and long.

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Grow Your Hair Long

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Grow Your Hair Long