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Using Coconut Oil For Hair Growth



Using Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

One of the earliest forms of hair growth care was using coconut oil simply for its properties and help with preventing hair loss problems. Coconut oil on its own has many benefits, but is enhanced when used with other home remedies such as these.

Try boiling a few hibiscus flowers in coconut oil, filter out the oil and then use it regularly can help with hair thinning and hair loss. While a mixture of coconut oil, garlic and pepper can be very effective in stimulating the growth of new hair. Also, when you are bathing and washing your hair, try to massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes; this will help stimulate the blood circulation to your scalp and if you do it every day it will lessen hair loss.

If you find you have dry and damaged hair using coconut oil is a common and popular product. It provides a lubricant and contains nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium to provide nourishment for your hair. Coconut hair for hair growth not only helps your hair grow longer, but keeps it healthy. It is one oil you can apply to your hair and leave it on overnight then wash it off in the morning. It will leave your hair shiny and soft.

Coconut oil isn’t easily found in regular stores however, but speciality stores should provide it. Stores of south East Asian origin may well carry it; look for parachute coconut oil it tends to work the best. You can also use Mira hair oil which contains a combination of herbs and extra virgin coconut oil needed for faster hair growth. If you use it overnight and wash it off in the morning, you will see results.

Even with any home made remedies you use; there are some myths about black hair you should know if you want to keep your hair healthy.

Many believe that cutting their hair frequently will make the hair grow faster, this is not true. Hair is dead, only the root is still alive or else it would hurt when you cut it. In all actuality, there is nothing you can do to the strand to make it grow faster, but cutting it will make it look healthier because you are removing the damaged ends when you cut it. Although getting it cut twice a year will make it look better, it will not make it grow faster.

Another myth is that black hair is stronger than any other hair types and this is not true. Black hair’s internal structure makes it more susceptible to breaking than any other type and if the hair is chemically relaxed, this makes it even more susceptible to breaking. You should use protein and moisture treatments to help minimize the damage done to relaxed hair.

Many believe that brushing your hair will stimulate faster hair growth too, this is not the case. In fact too much brushing will actually lead to breakage of the hair and this is especially true if you have relaxed hair.

Greasing your scalp is not good for moisture either. You may have noticed your hair is still dry and damaged even if you are using a variety of moisture products on it. This is because grease and some oils contain petrolatum, lanolin and mineral oils do not moisturize your hair effectively. They actually seal out moisture to the hair instead of giving it the moisture it needs. Only use these products to seal in shine and instead use water based moisturizers for the hair. For example: Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In, Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil, Profectiv Mega Growth, Elasta QP Mango Butter and Cantu Shea Butter Leave In. You might want to try using a light conditioner after a moisture treatment to add moisture or an oil moisturizer to seal in the moisture.

Taking prenatal vitamins does not make your hair grow longer; in fact the reason many women have good hair growth while pregnant is because of the elevation of the estrogen hormone during pregnancy that is the cause. This hormone locks the hair in the growth phase for longer than at any other time allowing to grow longer than it normally would. Once the baby is born however, the hair usually enters the shedding phase and for many women they experience extreme shedding and hair loss. The hair will eventually return to his normal phase and will grow at normal rates; birth control pills will have a similar effect.

Vitamins do help hair grow though especially if they contain biotin and folic acid which promotes faster hair growth. Vitamins should also contain MSN which lengthens the growth phase of your hair. You can learn how HairFinity vitamins can help make your hair grow longer.

Another misconception is that relaxing your hair will make it grow longer, this it not true. Natural hair has a curl to it usually and straightening it although it makes it appear to be longer, it’s really not. This is the same thing that happens with relaxed hair, it is stretched to the maximum limits sort of like stretching a rubber band. This stress on the hair reduces its elasticity which is the hair’s natural ability to return to its normal state without breaking. If your hair lacks elasticity, it will more susceptible to breaking.

Black hair does not grow any slower than any other hair type either. Hair tends to grow about half an inch a month and some black hair will grow a bit slower, but not by much. The natural curly pattern of black hair can make it seem like it grows slower because it’s not stretched out. Using too many relaxers will break the hair and if the hair growth is equal to the breakage, it will make it appear the hair is not growing at all. Black hair will also grow as long as any other hair type if cared for properly.

If you use heat to style your hair, if you do it too often you will damage it. When you straighten your hair using heat you are altering the protein bonds in your hair and are in effect weakening it. You should always use a good heat protection when using heat to style your hair like Silk Elements MegaSilk Heat Protection Spray found only at Sally’s. Also going to a salon every week will not make your hair grow long; this will happen if you properly take care of your hair.



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using coconut oil for hair growth

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Using Coconut Oil For Hair Growth