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Tips On How To Grow Hair Fast For Boys

Tips On How To Grow Hair Fast For Boys

Being a male you might not think that the same tricks and tips for growing hair fast that women use will work for boys too, but they sure can. Just remember that hair grows from the roots and you don’t necessarily have to go to the hairdresser to get your split ends trimmed off. If you use a split ender tool, a cordless split end trimmer that senses where the split ends actually are and only trims that area, you can save some time and money. If you leave these split ends behind and ignore them, they will end up running up the length of the hair, which means you will have to cut more off in the long run.

Of course you should get it trimmed about every 6 weeks or so to keep it in good shape. Also avoid streaking, straightening, blow drying, bleaching, perming and any kind of heat based styling. Always use a conditioner when washing to keep the moisture in too.

Adding protein to your diet is important too, because hair is made up of proteins. Adding protein supplements like whey and soy drinks are great for making boy’s hair grow fast. Keep a watch on your nails; you will notice they will start to grow too.

Wash your hair on a regular basis; massage your scalp while washing to help your hair grow faster - you can massage it often even when it’s dry. Use conditioner, mostly on the ends to keep them from splitting and going dry; and deep condition with hot oil once or twice a week. Comb your hair when it’s wet and when you do brush it will remove dead skin cells that will help boy’s hair grow faster. When brushing, brush gently and not rough as you can damage your scalp.

You can use vitamin E capsules on freshly washed hair to help it become softer too. Cut open the capsule, rub the gel on your hands and apply to your hair; do not massage into your scalp. If you have an excess amount, simply wash it off. Your hair will feel slightly sticky until it dries, but it will leave your hair feeling soft and help to grow your hair fast. Vitamin E can help tame frizzy hair, deep conditions it and will help it to grow about 3 inches a month.

Taking biotin vitamins are great for hair care too; there is also a biotin shampoo you can try but it’s only available online at the moment. Biotin can be purchased for a great price and it’s also great for your body’s health too.

To help make boy’s hair grow faster, try using Mira hair oil. It is an all natural, pure oil filled with 10 herbs needed for hair growth. It can prevent your hair from falling, keeps your head cool and also can relieve headaches. Before you shower, apply to your hair - massaging into your scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes and then simply wash it off for shiny hair.


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Tips On How To Grow Hair Fast For Boys