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Growing Hair Fast- The Recipe

Growing Hair Fast- The Recipe

Maybe you didn’t know this, but growing hair fast is mostly concerned with eating and preparing hair nourishing recipes. Apart from some hair treatments, there are hair-friendly foods that can boost hair growth and help you grow longer hair in a second.

When talking about hair beneficial treatments for growing hair fast, start from a day to day hair care. Deep conditioning can do wonders for your hair and a suitable mixture is made by applying a whole, whipped egg to your hair and leaving it on for approximately 25 minutes. Warm olive oil is another hair growth stimulator and you should apply it to your hair overnight and rinse it out in the morning. Wash your hair regularly, but never with extremely hot or cold water. In addition, use only wooden brushes or wide tooth combs to gently detangle your hair. Another treatment that will help growing hair fast is wrapping your hair in a hot towel and leaving it to open the skin pores in your scalp. Dampen the towel with hot water, squeeze the water out of it and leave it to cool down until it’s pleasantly warm. Wrap your head with this towel and leave it on your hair for a while. This will open up the skin pores and make the natural hair oils run down the shaft and revitalize the growth.

There are some recipes for proper nutrition you should follow if you are trying to grow hair out. Some plain supplements such as vitamin B complex and cod liver oil will enhance your hair quality. In addition, you can follow some Ayurveda advice, originating from a 5000 year old Indian practice. One of the Ayurveda recipes for growing hair fast is varied nutrition. Leafy green vegetables, fruits and dairy products can all help your hair grow. Milk and yoghurt are some commonplace foods you can include in your diet and one of the best fruits for hair growth is coconut. Something you can do is grate fresh coconut and sprinkle it over rice, salads or diced fresh fruits.

If you have oily hair type, reduce the intake of processed, refined and canned foods. There are no beneficial ingredients in these foods and they will not benefit your body whatsoever. Ice cold drinks are another hair growth inhibitor, as they impede digestion and nutrient assimilation in your body. Fatty foods should be avoided if your hair type is oily. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins B, C and E and drink plenty of water on a daily basis.

Among the remedies for growing hair fast are spices. Black pepper, cumin and turmeric are hair growth friendly spices that will enrich your meals both with excellent flavor and some compounds for improving hair quality. Mix up to a quarter of teaspoon of the three spices with ghee (clarified butter) or olive oil and mix it with cooked vegetables. Cumin, when roasted and ground and black pepper are excellent to add to fresh yoghurt.

Bottom line, out of so many recipes for growing hair fast, you should make a combination ideal for yourself. With the right foods and the right natural treatments like Ayurveda, your hair will grow long and shiny instantly.


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Growing Hair Fast- The Recipe