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Are you losing your hair? Is your hair graying or thinning?…..then read this important message before you purchase any commercial remedy!

A 5000 Year Old Natural “Hair Growth Oil” That Is Guaranteed To Stop Your Hair From Falling, Stop Hair loss Now , Re-Grow Your Hair And Banishes Graying And Thinning Hair In Just A Few Short Weeks!

Best part: it Prevents puts a grinding halt to your hair loss and stops dandruff dead in its tracks!
Mira hair oil accelerates lush growth of hair. It strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss and dandruff. It is also prevents the premature graying of hair.

It deepens the color of the hair and restores it to its natural youthful color

Mira hair oil is an excellent ayurvedic hair treatment medicine, it is all natural and it vitalizes the growth of your hair!

It removes DHT and unblocks pores, allowing your hair to grow longer and stronger

Mira hair oil contains pure hair growth ingredients that have been scientifically proven to grow more hair

It also stops hair loss and reverses the cycle, so you won’t have to lose more hair!

So, Stop using dangerous and expensive hair loss treatments- they just don’t work and when they do they come with a host of side effects! Now there is a proven all natural and scientifically proven method to naturally and safely stop hair loss and re-grow more hair in just a few short weeks!

The multinational companies don’t want you to know about it! In fact, this hair growth formula is so powerful….in 99% of all cases it stops hair loss in a matter of days!
Dear Friend,
If you would .like to discover a sure proof way to stop hereditary hair loss dead in its tracks and does it by using an ancient secret hair growth oil then this is will be the most important message you will ever read:
Here is why:

Hi, my name is John Mentis, and I too once suffered from hair loss before and a receding hair line… I was 18 when I first begun to see signs of hair loss and by the time I was 26, I was clearly balding. At first my hair was just thinking, then it begun falling out rapidly! I was scared and frantic, like it was the end of the world…
I was thinking what are girls going to think about me? How will I fix my hair and hide my bald spot? How can I stop this hair loss?

Immediately my confidence had gone down the drain. I went from being a lady’s man to being absolutely petrified with idea of talking to hot women and I was always insecure at social gatherings. (I would always have my back against a wall to hide the hair loss)

For the first time, in my life I found myself being envious of men who had a full head of hair and I longed to be just like them.

I decided to do research and find out what solutions were available .I was determined to find a solution. I went out and research like a starved shark on feeding frenzy. I read everything and anything I could get my hands on relating to hair loss!

If there is an article written on hair loss chances are I have read it…I was desperate….
And I began to test all the hair loss products out there like Rogaine Propecia, Avacore and Fabao without much success. In fact, I found that using these chemical based products I was feeling side effects like nausea, rashes and impotence…and that scared me, it is one thing losing your hair another thing becoming impotent!
So I stopped using them and decided to resign to my fate! (I will be bald-I might as ell face it)….until fate hit me like a fright train blasting through the night!

My Accidentally Discovery

In March 2003, I accepted a work contract to work for a software company in India! And being the adventurous type- I would travel from village to village as a tourist with a trusty Indian guide with the intension of seeing India at the grassroots level!

So every week I would go some remote location that was free of the usual tourist traffic! When one day whiles touring I stumbled across something strange!

I came across a village that was called the “village of beautiful hair”…and true to their name each person I saw in that village had beautiful youthful long locks of hair! Now being bald myself I was consciously looking to find any bald person in the village but I could not find one. I found that very strange as male pattern baldness is very common trait among men all over the world!

I asked my guide if there were any bald people in this village and he laughed…he said they don’t call this the “village of beautiful hair” for nothing…and that these indigenous people had mastered the art of growing thick long hair for the past 5000 years…. Baldness was not existent in this village! Their ancestors had passed a special “hair growth” formula down by word of mouth one line after another for over 5000 years (long hair has a great religious significance in this village so not having hair was not an option)

This got me intrigued…I took of my cap off (that hid my bald spot) and all of a sudden it was like the entire village (made of some 400 people) took a step back… it was like I was the devil and they were sacred of me…(long hair is looked upon as being godly and a lack of hair as impure) I soon found out that they had never seen a bald white man before…and they immediately begun to “chant and prey for me” in a language I had no understanding off….

They then gave me a bottle of this “magic hair” oil, which I was told (via my guide) that I should apply on my scalp once daily! They also gave me some suggestions on what I should eat to help my hair grow….and that I should expect my hair to grow very quickly if I were consistent with its application! I shook the whole thing off but I accepted the gift, thanked them and continued with my tour to another remote village nearby…. I figured that I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on Avacor, Procepis and other hair loss prevention drugs that did absolutely nothing to stop my hair loss.

What good would a natural “hair oil” be when science and chemicals cant doing it without side effects? But “The Sudden Hair Growth I Was To Experience Was Shocking”.

I remember the first time I used it. I applied the hair oil in my hair in the morning and I took a shower in the evening ...rinsing my hair I expected to find the usual 10-12 broken hair shafts…but I found only 2. I looked at floor of the bath tub trying to find hair I might have missed- but I found none at all ...after a week of using this magic hair oil, I had no hair loss at all!

My Hair Loss Came To A Vigorous Stop...Even When I Pulled At It Aggressively!

I could not believe it…I was in tears…I was blessed ...I was ecstatic ….I had to share this secret with the world…..
So I went back to the village and asked my guide to get the rights to buy this oil! You see, the magic of this oil is not the ingredients, even though they are rare and not massed produced, it is how these ingredients are combined!
I mean these guys have taken 5000 years to perfect a recipe that stops hair loss and grows beautiful long hair! Not just anyone, not even scientist can figure this out! It is all in the hands, it is a bit like following a recipe for making pasta- it never quite turns out the same as mama’s special formula with a dash here and dash there!

So I secured myself a supply that would last me a year and I tried it out!

Since then, after just 8 months of using this “ancient hair oil”- My bald spot has finally started to dissipate! My hair follicles are beginning to grow! AND MY HAIR is getting thicker, darker and stronger! Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have the hair I had when I was 18 but I don’t look like I am losing hair anymore and that is a relief! And what this oil does is STOP your hair loss right now and works on reopening and reinvigorating your dead or clocked hair pores and follicles- the results is that your hair begins to grow- and it its all natural!
Since then…

• My hair has been growing normally like any normal persons hair…
• I have my self confidence back…
• I can now approach people without worrying what they are thinking about my hair…
• I feel more attractive and younger and it is far easier to pick up women (I am still the lady’s man)…
• And I don’t have to wear ball caps anymore….my head can breath again!

Anyway's I, after testing this on myself, I secured the rights to buy this oil and decided to offer it to men like you and me, who are losing their hair and want to re grow hair!

But Mira hair oil does more for your hair ….

Just take a look at what just 3 of the 17 SECRET natural and powerful herbs will do for your hair!

Secret Ingredient 1

Known in India as the miracle fruit, 5000 year old Indian myth states that it was the nectar of the gods-because of the way it magically makes hair grow thicker, stronger and more manageable, hundreds of studies have proven this ultra powerful herb to:

• It is a powerful anti fungal; this oil is study-proven to completely eliminate dandruff and psoriasis. In a recent study, 64% of women who had psoriasis on their scalp were cured in just 2 weeks!

• It instantly penetrates the cuticle and fills it out so that you will never get hair that is frizzy and out of control!

• Moisturizes and hydrates the hair which adds volume and more lift to your hair without excessive use of expensive hair products…

• Volumizes hair naturally adding body and holds any hair style in place without excessive expensive chemical hair treatments.

• Restores total shine and manageability without chemicals leaving the hair soft and renewed.

• Provides nourishment to hair roots, improve blood circulation in the scalp and will Instantly stop premature graying and hair loss (you will get the soft , silky , healthy and youthful hair).

Secret Ingredient 2

This herb is derived from a northern Indian Herb that only grows in the Brahimi plateau some 14,000 feet above sea level! It also takes 5 years to mature, which explains why natives value this magic hair growth herb more than Gold! Maharajas (Indian kings) had exclusive rights over this herb for over 5000 years because of its undeniable ability to grow more hair and retain youthful vibrant more manageable hair!
And it does miracles for the hair such as:

• Returns the scalps natural oil production (sebum) to normal so that you can have beautiful manageable hair…(say bye to bad hair days for good)

• Gives fullness to fine hair and prevents dandruff and hair loss ( get gorgeous lustrous hair with bounce)

• It naturally strips your hair of the dirt and debris, thereby leaving your hair softer and more manageable (you will never have to deal with messy out of place hair)

• It has a host of antibacterial and anti fungal that stops the growth of bacteria and fungus in your scalp…)the results is beautiful flawless hair that always smells lovely and refreshing all day long)

• Acts as a powerful detangler and leave in conditioner, so you won’t have to brush your hair when wet and damage it (makes coarse hair shiny and gives fine hair plenty of bounce)

• Provides exceptional shine and damage protection to your hair.

• Enriches the natural color of your hair without damaging the structure of the hair (so you will never experience hair damage or frizzy hair)

Secret Ingredient 3

Considered by The south brahmi to be a precious gift from the gods to man, it has the highest vitamin C content known to man, a single bud of this leaf has 100 times more vitamin C than a grapefruit…it is not only detoxifies the blood in your scalp, it also stimulates hair growth, whiles enriching the thickness of your hair! The oil of this fruit has the richness of 15 super powerful nutrients and vitamins that have been traditionally been acclaimed for their beneficial effects for giving you long, lustrous, healthy air… it has the following hair benefits:

• Gives you silky “run your fingers through my hair with ease” feel and texture…also tames flyaway hair!(get all day frizz control)

• Quickly Reverses the effects of aging on the skin and scalp (blast away graying and an signs of an aging scalp).

• Its ultra powerful natural moisturizer locks just the right amount of moisturizer into your hair which instantly stops humidity from zapping the volume and flattening your hair do. (You will never struggle with getting volume— and keeping it — on your hair ever again).

• Nourishes your hair instantly increasing its elasticity and shine (experience 93.4% less damage in just 2 weeks of use

• It has a host of anti-oxidants like vitamin A, D, E and K that encourages the growth of healthy, thicker and glossier hair- bullet proofing your hair from free radical and environmental damage

• Has been study proven to increase hair bulk, thickness and the length of your hair (plumps up strands fine hair strands without weighing them down)

• Strengthens your hair roots and promotes long luxurious and healthy hair growth.

• It not only protects your hair against harmful hot blow drying, the sun and other harsh elements but it will actually condition and beautify your hair in the process.

And there you have it, just 3 of the 17 natural ingredients that work magic on your hair.
The bottom line, of course is whether all this amazing hair oil works or not and it does big time, here are what men are saying:

“This hair oil is amazing, I was skeptical at first but I bought it anyway, in the first week of usage my hair loss stopped and my hair feels and looks healthier , I have also begun to see new hair growth in bald spots”

Michael Simmons Via email

“I am growing more hair, after 5 weeks of usage my hair has begun to grow! I have tried it all, with this oil, there are no side effects and my hair feels invigorated all the time”

Mario Devalez, Toronto , Canada

“My once gray hair has its color back, my hair is stronger and healthier and I love the way I am growing thicker longer hair-feels like I am 16 again!”

Joseph Daniels Via email

Ok, I could go on and on, but fact is, you need to actually try this stuff yourself and you be the judge- after all it is your hair we are talking about!

All I want to do, is to share with you an all natural 5000 year old method for completely stopping hair loss and growing back a fuller healthier head of hair-without side effects! All for pennies on the dollar! Listen I know you are skeptical and heck, you might not believe me and that is fine; with so much rubbish out there it is natural to be skeptical! I mean even Rogaine and procepia are unpredictable and come with a host of side effects too long to mention!

But with this oil, it is all natural, so you won’t have to worry about losing your libido, getting an itchy and sore scalp!

And guess what the results you will get are permanent-there to stay! That is, you will not have to continue using these formulas forever- a simple 2-8 months is all you need (2 months for mild cases of baldness) and 6 months for severe cases! Point is it works)

Once you hair has grown back, all you have to do is make sure you take care of your health…and your hair will remain intact! Plus these herbs and the “magic hair oil” have the added benefit of boosting the health of your hair and making you it youthful again! I mean let’s face it, if your hair follicles and hair pores are healthy, you will grow natural healthy hair and you will put a dead stop to any hair loss your are currently experiencing!

Here is how to get a bottle for yourself

The cost of the formula is just $69.99 plus $15 shipping. Now I think that is very fair! For $69.99 you get the EXACT hair oil made by the natives themselves, so you can have beautiful lovely hair for the rest of your life!

Now listen, what you are buying here is a very powerful ancient hair oil, which stops hair loss and re-grows hair!

All you need to do is apply it at night onto your hair and do it consistently and then watch your hair grow!
Listen I know you are skeptical. Who would not be…I mean like you, you I have been burned before by buying “hair growth products” and you know what this formula might not work for you! (Although I will tell you that no one I know has used it and not seen a stop of hair loss and hair growth)

This is possibly the most important investment you'll ever make in your entire life. I MEAN WE both know what it feels like t lose hair! It is a life changing experience, people look at your differently and most women don’t tend to prefer bald men!

But I Assure You That You'll Be Able To Use These Simple hair oil To Stop Your Hair Loss, Re-Grow Your Hair And Stop Dandruff And Graying!

If you are currently suffering from hair loss, if your confidence is shot…if you are just tired of wearing caps to hide your bald spot or insecure when speaking to people and if you are sacred of approaching women (paranoid of what they are looking at) then you need to get and then use this formula!

And I want you to be absolutely sure that you can use these formulas and that's why I want you to try it before you buy it. This will give you the time to go out and get the ingredients to make your own magic hair oil! And you would have a chance to read it and see for yourself with your own eyes what it can do for you.
So here is my ….

"No Risk Try It Before You Buy Policy!"

Listen, I know you are skeptical so I am going to ask you to test this amazing hair oil risk free- sp buy Mira hair oil right now!

We will ship your bottle by airmail so you can get started right away; try it out for 60 days. You will know by then if it works or not! If after 60 days you feel this is not for you or what I say is not true(I don’t know how this would be possible since it has been tested successfully for over 5000 years)...just send the bottle back and I will refund your money. So you have absolutely nothing to lose!

I realize I'm going out on a huge limb here. And yes, there are probably people out there who will take advantage of me and use this generous offer as a way to just get a free hair growth formula!

But that's a risk I'm willing to take because I KNOW these “stop hair loss” oil will change your life the way they did mine. And I trust you. And I know that if it stops hair loss-then the meager price I charge is nothing to ask for! And I trust you I mean your word is gold here.

So if you're serious about stopping hair loss and re growing your hair then take my risk free trial today.

There is only one way to get this “stop hair loss” secret formula and that is by using your credit card and by clicking the buy it button now button below..

So here is what you have to do now to get your “stop hair loss” secret formula

Grab your credit card and click the buy it now button below , it will cost you just $69.99 (plus shipping and handing) and that is all there is to it, we accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover card…and once we get your order we will ship your bottle of this amazing hair

oil to you so you could start re-growing your hair in just a few short days!

But There Is More ….

If you are one of the first 500 to order this amazing hair oil ; I will send you a FREE powerful herbal hair growth shampoo also used by the south brahmi girls to achieve even healthier, more manageable hair fast after they use the hair oil….


But There Is More ….

If you order now, I will also send you a FREE powerful herbal shampoo that contains herbs used by the south brahmin girls to achieve even healthier, more manageable hair fast after they use the Mira hair oil…

This herbal hair growth shampoo does not strip away natural oils, it actually fortifies it and protects it, and there is no fear of chemical build up…you are always guaranteed softer, longer, thicker healthier hair no matter how many times you use it!

Trust me you will never use another regular shampoo ever again-after using this amazing herbal shampoo! The cost of the shampoo is sold separately at $39.99 for a small 100 ml bottle-yes it is pricey and that is because the ingredients are not massed produced and are super expensive…but if you are one of the first 500 I will throw it in for FREE and you will continue to get a FREE bottle so long as your order Mira hair oil!

You get this amazing Mira hair shampoo for free, but only if you are among the first 500 to order! If you are customer number 501, I will not be able to give you this special gift, so please act now!

$39.99 Free Gift To You Just For Test Driving This Amazing New Hair Oil

And guess what if you decide to return the hair get to keep the amazing herbal shampoo for free...that is a $39.99 value absolutely FREE! It is our way of saying thank you-for trying Mira hair oil.
Again to get a supply you need to do is use the "buy it now" button below


$40 Free Gift To You Just For Test Driving This Amazing New Hair Oil

And guess what if you decide to return the hair get to keep both the shampoo and the conditioner for free...that is a $40 value absolutely FREE! It is our way of saying thank you-for trying this amazing new hair oil. Use the order button below and order a kit now! you will happy you did! 

But hurry because we have a limited supply and when it is gone it is gone and you will not have a second bottle free. Remember you have a full 60 days to try this oil RISK free,. Either it works or you send it back for your money back. I want you to be happy and if it does not work for you or you do not like it for any reason simply return it for a refund. No questions asked!

Get the hair you deserve now for $69.99 plus $15 shipping you get one bottle of the powerful Mira hair oil plus a free shampoo

But hurry…you can imagine the huge response we are already getting from announcing the existence of this amazing hair oil. If you are serious about getting stopping hair loss , growing longer, more beautiful hair, as fast and as safely as need to see what all this fuss is about! It is going to be the most amazing “hair growth experience ”of your life….


Sincerely yours -

John Mentis





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