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One truth about successful hair growth is that there is no universal advice for all people on how to grow your hair in the best way. That being said, there is still no need to despair. Even though you will have to go through trial and error to find what’s best for you, the good news is that you will find it. There are things like healthy diet and proper hair products that are recommended by most people for healthy hair growth. Here is some advice on various hair growth stimulants. It is sure to be of use to everyone.

The thing that everyone agrees on when it comes to healthy hair growth is a proper diet. A universal truth is that daily intake of proteins, vitamins and a lot of water will help your hair significantly. Hair is one hundred percent protein and eating protein rich foods will contribute to your hair growth. Meat and eggs are valuable resources of protein and vegetarians can focus on eating soybean or tofu. Vitamins can be drawn from several sources. Most people recommend eating fresh fruit and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. Multivitamin juices are good vitamin supplements and some people even use synthetic vitamin products. Some of them are prenatal vitamins that are not so often recommended. However, some say that for them it sped up the process of hair growth. The amount of water you should drink varies, but six to eight glasses a day is a good amount. So, proper diet can provide you with a number of hair growth stimulants.

On the list of hair beneficial treatments are scalp massages and application of appropriate hair products. The first ones will improve blood circulation in your scalp, which happens when you exercise, too. The category of suitable hair products includes special conditioners for damaged hair, special shampoos for specific hair type and natural products. One of the hair growth shampoos is Mira shampoo, which is a good stimulant for growing hair. Some herbal oils, such as rosemary and sage oil are excellent hair growth stimulants. Apply them on a regular basis and you will see the improvement.

Apart from the things you should use, there are some you should definitely avoid. The first one is combing your hair while it’s still wet. Avoid this as it can cause hair breakages. Also, if you use a blow dryer, make sure you cover your hair with a heat protector first. Washing your hair once a week is desirable since too many washes can damage it as well. Other things that you should avoid are some chemicals that are found in certain commercial hair products. These are sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum and other laboratory generated compounds that can have adverse effects on your hair. Most of all lead a healthy life style and stay away from drugs and alcohol, as they will ruin your hair along with your overall health. None of the hair growth stimulants will be worth unless you stay clear of these dangerous chemicals.

The best hair growth stimulant is Mira hair oil. It is an arjuvedic formula that has been time tested to grow a longer healthier mane. Use it twice a week and you will stop hair loss and regrow hair. It will also stimulate faster hair growth
To sum up, how you treat your body will show on your hair. Healthy nutrition, rich in hair growth stimulants, will lead to improved hair health. Concentrate on finding and using natural hair products and treat your hair with utmost care. It will pay off. You may see the results only after a couple of months, but they will be there

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