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AsiaSari Radix Might Very Well Be The Most Powerful Hair Growth Herb There Is-Find Out Why!

Asia sari radix is a herb that has been getting much attention these studies thanks in part to a 2005 study from the Journal of Dermatological Science, scientists examined the effects of a variety of forty five plant extracts that have been known to traditionally help promote hair growth and stop hair loss
The study was also performed to help identify the best potential hair regrowth stimulants. A brief overview first, Asia sari radix comes from the root of the Asiasarum plant; it is also known as Saishin in Japanese. Asia sari radix is a herb found in some parts pf Asia including India and Japan. It has been known for centuries to help with hair growth

When it comes to preventing hair loss or even thinning hair, the Asia sari radix extract has been shown to be the most promising in stopping excessive hair loss of all the plant extracts that were examined.

What’s makes Asia sari radix good is that it does two things. It greatly increased the protein synthesis in the hair follicle cultures and also increased the cell development and cell division (reproduction) of the HaCaT and the human DP cells which were cultured in vitro. In addition to cell reproduction it also increased, vascular endothelial growth factor development and expression. Vascular endothelial growth factor development plays a very important part in the development of new blood vessels from pre-existing blood vessels. Vascular endothelial growth factor development tends to be higher in the anagen or growth phase and it is lower during the catagen (shedding) and telogen (resting) growth phases of the hair growth cycle

Just in case you are wondering what vascular endothelial growth factor development is in relation to hair growth it has been suggested that Asia sari radix can actually grow hair by controlling and regulating the expression of VEGF.

All this means that the extract of Asiasari radix plant has very powerful and strong hair growth promoting abilities. And all this conclusion is due to the may be due fact that Asia sari radix has powerful regulatory effects on both hair cell growth and hair growth factor gene expression. Asia sari radix extract was shown to an increase the uptake of very important amino acid cysteine, Cysteine has been directly shown to be related to hair follicle growth.

And this is in great comparison to Minoxidil or other herbs like hibiscus and Eclipta lab which only promote or prolong the anagen part of hair growth. So despite all this Asia sari radix has been hard to obtain .The problem is that until recently there were not too many products available that had Asia sari radix in it. Well a company called Mira herbals has created a hair product that contains extracts of Asia sari radix in the same concentration and type as used in the study.
Whether the oil works for you or not is not decided but if you wish to try out Asia sari radix in a safe way this may be your chance to use the product is advertised as a hair beautifying product. And is used as follows,
You must use aradix on a daily basis. This is done by applying the oil onto the scalp and allowing the oil to sit for an hour or two and then washing it out with a herbal shampoo. To be effective the Asia sari radix extract has to be used on a daily basis and the treatment ahs to last 30 days. In my opinion I see great promise with this new oil.

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