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Dear Friends
If you would like to feel younger, stronger, boost health, stop stress, increased energy and help regrow hair back then this will be the most important message you read

You see hair growth requires that your body be healthy inside and outside. The problem is most of us are not as healthy as we should be and this reflects on your hair, the healthier your immune system the healthier your hair. That is why it is crucial to not only use Mira hair oil externally but also to take measures like eating right, exercise right and supplementing correctly to help grow healthy hair. If you are suffering from dry brittle hair or hair loss chances are that you have clogged hair pores and second your immune system might not be up to par

And that is why I write, you see I have to share something with, if you want to feel stress free, energetic, have increased sexual performance, stop hair loss and simply rejuvenate your body and mind you need to read this short note

We have our own powerful immune booster. It is made of a herb called Ashwaganda. It is not new, in fact it has been used by arjuveda for some 4000 years till today to help people live longer, feel younger, have more energy, grow healthy hair and stop stress. Yes arjuveda had this in place eons ago and thanks to science you can now try it as well

You can get longer thicker hair and a host of other benefits by using Ashwaganda which has been called “natures miracle preventive medicine” part It is all natural and safe to use and can be used by kids, adults and elderly people alike

Now why is having a powerful immune system necessary to help hair grow and stop hair loss? The immune system is crucial, it is what allows healthy body function to occur, if your immune system is compromised you will begin to get sick, lose hair and have a host of problems too long to mention. So it is crucial to take Ashwaganda as part of your daily health and hair care routine. When you see what this herb does you would be quite foolish not to take it. Simple read all about it here. You are getting the purest Ashwaganda there is delivered right to your door

The cost of the pills are $49.99 and we have just a few bottles to give out, exactly 40 spots are available monthly
So if you would like to try it out simply click the link below and order some.
It is 100% safe and all natural and there are over 300 studies that prove its effectiveness-I give you the citations at

Here is what this amazing herb will for you
Over 300 independent studies and a 4000 year old history that proves it will
Boost your immune system
Suppress and prevent arthritis
Make you feel and look younger
Proven to prevent to minimize cancer growing cells
Allow you to build muscle and strength faster
A tonic of youth
Boost sexual performance
Preventive diabetes and high blood pressure

Here is just one of the many testimonials we have

“I used to be stressed out and always depressed and tired, I had less energy more and more, I tried exercise, changed my diet nothing seemed to jolt me ..but then I tried Dr Biswajit’s Ashwagandha and in just 6 days I could feel a change, I had an energy that was unfading…I felt younger and more energetic, I am sold on this product and I would recommend it to all my friends and family”
Tim Cartson via email

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